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Other Interests

My other intests and skills, which usually tie into Marketing Automation, are below.

  • Digital Marketing

    PPC, SEO, Analytics & Reporting, Paid Social, every platform and all types of campaigns. Strategy and implementation are all areas where I have helped companies such as The Fort Worth Zoo, Texas Ballet Theater and Rasing Canes.

  • Email Marketing

    From transactional emails to email drips, email templates and more, I have created and optimized all of these. Marketing automation brings it all together. Let me show you how.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    I have built and redesigned websites and ecommerce sites for large and small businesses. I have the skills and knowledge for any project or budget.

  • Music

    I listen to all genres of music and my favorite is Rock. If the song has a good beat and great lyrics I will always check it out.

  • Photography

    I love capturing moments that are valuable and interesting. I remember using a Sony Digital Mavica in the late 90s, which you would insert a 3.5" floppy disc into for image storage.

  • SaaS

    I have a passion for SaaS, software as a service, especially the marketing (automation), analytics, service and supprot that go with it. See my work at ECi Software Solutions.

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